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COSRX Pimple Patch

Nothing worse for your skin than popping your blemish or picking at it. The most efficient and simple way to deal with your pimple is to apply the award winning COSRX pimple patch overnight. Its purifying formula combats the pimple effortlessly leaving your skin scarless, without any wounds or redness. The patch acts as a protection against any dirt or aggravating factors you may carry on your hands and fingers.

These COSRX pimple patches adhere perfectly to your skin and removing it is painless. You will find 24 patches of different sizes in one pack, the only thing you need to do is to choose the adequate one for your breakout.


Step 6 - Spot treatments

  • Peel off the adequate patch size and apply on cleansed blemish in the evening, remove the patch in the morning after waking up.

👉 KoCo's Advice:

COSRX Pimple Master Patch are meant to be used overnight for better efficiency.


Warning: Do not use on damaged or irritated skin. Do not use in case of allergy to any of the Ingredients. External use only. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly. Seek medical help in case of visible rash. Keep out of children's reach.

Ingredients: Acne Pimple Patch

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